Tier 2 WordPress Maintenance Package

Our Tier 2+ is an excellent add-on to an existing maintenance program. We offer professional tech and design support + pro version plugins.

  • Weekly Backups
  • Full Managed WordPress Server
  • Dedicated WordPress Server
  • Nightly Server Backups
  • Performance Optimization ( CDN )
  • Priority Support
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Reports

Weekly Backups

We will backup your WordPress site to a local server and keep it nice and safe. We will keep up to 2 backups at all times.

Full Managed Dedicated WordPress Server

We know, we know! You are like… What! As a Webytes Media member you will get the option for our boost’em and bat’em out of the park WordPress Dedicated Hosting.

  • No sharing of you 1TB bandwidth
  • No sharing CPU
  • No sharing your 1GB Dedicated memory
  • No sharing of your 10GB of Allowed Storage
  • I know, I know, it makes me giddy too!


Automatically added via Let’s Encrypt and no plugin required.

Performance Optimization ( CDN )

Our performance process will offer WordPress cache, CDN, Compression and performance scan to assure that your site is working at its peak potential.

30 minutes of content/design/dev updates

This is an excellent option for those that are just too busy building and maintaining their business.

Priority Support

Priority support will help get someone talking with you within the hour and taking care of your WordPress needs. Isn’t that awesome!

Monthly Reports

You will receive a monthly report sent to your inbox from your WordPress website. This report will help you keep up with how your site is doing as well as it’s activities throughout the last month.