Why content marketing is about user experience

Content marketing is the art of delivering valuable and pertinent information to a targeted audience with the sole purpose of fostering or changing a behavior

It’s the valuable and pertinent that is so vital to making content work.

It's what communicates to your audience that you understand their needs, wants and concerns. Click To Tweet

If you search for information online today about website development, you find lots of tips whose main focus is on how to rank well.

They are mainly about ranking better on search engines, SERPs algorithms…etc. Well, all these are great, thank you very much for this very important information.

However, the sad thing is that people concentrate more with search engine optimization that they completely forget about user experience.

Consequently, this approach usually has a negative effect on the amount of traffic sent to your site, the time your visitors spend on your site and their response to the call of action.

Truth is that the user needs more knowledge and information about the product or service and how it can positively alter their lives

The biggest mistake that companies usually make is to ignore the needs of the end user.

They fail to share important practical experiences and other significant information that the user is looking for in the website, blogs or articles.

They instead share selling points of their services and products. The user wants more knowledge and information about the product or service and how it can value to their business or personal lives.

The user wants useful information – not a long advertisement.

It is imperative to ensure that your online endeavors remain focused on a user friendly content marketing strategy.

An optimized content strategy helps increase your online visibility and improve your online sales or any other call to action response.


Here are some quick “how to do SEO tips” you can read.

So, in order to excel in content marketing and reap the fruits of your labor, you need to have the right set of skills. You must possess exceptional research, SEO and writing skills. Additionally, you need to know where to find just the right information to make your content informative and extremely useful to the readers. You need to produce brilliant content – content that is not only interesting to online users but also valuable to search engines.

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