When is a website redesign needed? or do you need incremental changes.

website design changes

website redesignWondering if your website needs an overhaul?

Not seeing a whole lot of visit?

Your email list isn’t quite populating as you would hope?

I have listed a few key indications that might help you decide if it’s time for a website redesign or start creating incremental changes.

#1: your website isn’t all that encouraging

Your website should encourages visitors to take action or simply to just read on. There are many reasons why people don’t click through or understand exactly what to do.

Some reasons may include:

No call to action
No internal links to your own services
No sidebar ads or alternative info (of your own)
Your navigation is poorly designed and displayed


#2: Your website isn’t responsive

Responsive web design put’s your content in front of users beyond the desktop.

Not to mention Google updates on putting responsive design before set widths.

If your website isn’t currently mobile responsive it would be a strong indicator that you are needing a  website redesign.

When contemplating your mobile presence make sure your keep these few steps in mind.

Your site takes too long to load (mobile first)
It isn’t mobile friendly (Doesn’t mean your wrapper is set to a %)
The site is hard to read due to colors, sizes, or font sizes
There are design mistakes throughout it

There are plenty of reasons your site isn’t getting a reaction (or the right reaction) from your visitors.

It’s essential that you take steps to change these key areas to ensure visitors become customers.

#3: Your website isn’t ranking in search engines

If your site has not been developed with a focus on SEO, it is time to make that change. Search engine optimization ensures search engines like Google find your site and present it to those searching for the products and services you offer.

Indications your SEO needs improvement include:

Poor ranking in search engines
You aren’t ranking for the right keywords
You lack a local SEO focus
Your site is hard to find
You use the wrong keywords, get the wrong visitors, or even don’t get any attention from search engine traffic

If you are experiencing any of these areas of struggle, revamping or adding incremental changes can make a dramatic effect.

You’ll also find, if needed, a fresh design of your site can help you to rank better, get more traffic, and produce better leads.

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If you have something to add I would love to hear about it Below. I am never too busy for a good conversation.


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