What are landing pages for?

what are landing pages for

landing pagesWant to learn how to create the best landing page EVER!?

Ever wonder what a landing page is really for?

I will help break it down for you as well as give you some valuable insights needed to create the landing page that converts.

And so it begins…

Simply put, a landing page is a web page on your site which you arrive at after clicking on a link.

A landing page is usually stripped down to it’s simplest form and removed from as much distraction other then most critical information needed to entice action from the visitor.

Whether your goal is to sell a product or get your target audience to sign up for your mailing list with a return of valuable, specified and needed information;

landing page campaigns generate interest about the product and most significantly, get users to take action.

Did you notice that I didn’t say freebie…

And of course no obnoxious pop-up… Remember, the idea is to get visitors to see the value of what you have to offer.

Believe me, interrupting them isn’t going to help.

Don’t be afraid to rate their interest!

Once that exchange has been made it would be a good idea to create a quick survey so that you are able to rate the interest level in your new lead via an automated email.

You could opt to have a single landing pageĀ  (I’m not sure why you would ) or create multiple landing pages for your website, I would think no less than 20 specified and optimized landing pages.

Yes I know, I said 20!

Reasons would be creating a slew of new opportunities like boosting your SEO, raising conversion rates and offering variety to your visitors.

The best landing pages usually include a clear and succinct message that defines your target audience, answers objections, emphasizes benefits, provides credibility and also includes a low-risk offer.

These are some of the reasons why multiple landing pages are best for content marketing purpose:

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  • Multiple landing pages add value and strength to the website’s overall mission and purpose.
  • Multiple landing pages have content and images that are tailor-made for each particular landing page. This way, your pages are focused wholly to a unique audience which gives you more targeted results.
  • Multiple landing pages are cheaper to manage and develop with strong potential to create income for your business.

Include a call to action

In the end, a landing page will always request the audience to take a specific action. Customize your landing pages in such a way that each landing page has a call to action targeted to the particular group you are marketing to.


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