The $500 WordPress Website

The 500 dollar WordPress website has gotten a lot of bad wrap over the years and a lot of negative words associated with it. One of the most used negative statements is that “you get what you pay for and cheap websites.”

A lot of designers, people and forums will state that for a quality WordPress website you should be paying at least $1000 to $2500 for a quality WordPress website for your business.

This type of mentality starting hitting hard when free drag & drop, no coding required website builder started hitting the mainstream and focusing hard on small business.

From my experience, a basic WordPress website would meet most small businesses. A basic site would more than likely cater to the basic needs of a small business.

Basic WordPress Needs

These basic needs would be; directions, google map search, contact form, content, brochure or just because it’s the day and age that it’s required to look legit.

The cynical view towards website priced under $1,000 has been rightfully placed. A lot of non-designers and people with some Youtube time can quickly learn how to hack a WordPress theme together.

Before you know it, the designer is no longer available, and the theme they used is no longer supported. The plugins they used to build are no longer being updated or do the play very nice with new updates.

The cheap $500 WordPress website has just become a small business nightmare that they have become dependent upon.

The 500 Dollar WordPress Website I Am Offering

I have built an underlying theme that I make all my sites from using _s framework, bootstrap. I don’t use child themes and or overly complicated drag and drop WordPress builders.

For $500 I can build you a basic WordPress website with a home page, contact page, pro version form builder, full-width page, sidebar page and, post pages.

Also included in my sites are portfolio post types and services post types that are easy and simple to use.

The home page come with a simple to use drag and drop layout or you can use the new WordPress Gutenberg builder.

Do you want to learn more about my 500 dollar WordPress website and what it can do for your business? Sweet, contact me over here.