WordPress as Your Business Website

90% of companies that we begin work with will not understand what WordPress is. In their minds, they are just looking for a website for their business… If it looks good, it’s affordable and helps them generate customers they usually don’t care what or how we do it.

So, why do we use WordPress for business websites then?

For one, we working with the framework. Though, we aren’t big fans of parent/child themes.

This doesn’t mean that we won’t work with you for WordPress maintenance if you are currently using a child-theme. We just don’t see sense in building on top of someone’s WordPress website to create you a business website. It just seems like a lot more work and very redundant.

Two, it’s an open source framework. What this means that you don’t need to purchase a license for us to create your business website on it.

Three, it’s crazy popular! Let’s say if we were abducted by umm… aliens. Bad for us and not so bad for you. There are a lot of WordPress designers and developers to take care of you in case you need it for support.

Four, it has an easy to learn CMS for you. Management System ( CMS ) is an interface within your website where you can edit, delete or add content to your site.

As a WordPress service, we offer personal training for you and your employees to learn the WordPress CMS.

Five, it has the ability to be flexible for growth. Assuming that you don’t have your website built as a parent-theme/child-theme. Your business website will last as long as your business exists.