The Truth About Web Design

Clean, effective and affordable websites.

We all want this, right?

I’m telling you right now. These three combinations are not going to be easy to find.


As confusing as it may be, most businesses are looking for web design companies to build websites for them. And to reinforce this, most web design companies are building sites for their customers.

90% of these business websites that are approached in this manner will fail.

But I get it; you shell out a lot of money to have it your way. You should end up with an end product that you feel accomplishment with.

And most design companies just want to sell you a website, and you can’t really blame them, that is what you were looking for, right?

But the truth is, your site can be more than some beautiful pictures, sliding banners, moving text and overly dramatic layouts that bleeds money. These elements are not design; they are components that designers created to sell to the business owner. Which has nothing to do with your visitors.

Pop up banners, lead magnets, popup forms and whatever else get’s in the way, isn’t design. These are products sold to the business owner and nothing more.

You want leads? Offer something worth signing up for.

Your website should help you generate income for your business. This is what a business site is created for, not something that just sits out there costing you money to produce page views and session.

Except for branding purposes, but then you’re talking a whole different ball game.

It’s time to stop looking for a web design company and focus on finding someone that can help you grow your business online.

So, how do we do this?

Stop building and designing your site for you, and start focusing on your customers.

Your customers don’t care about how much information you can get in front of them, or how cool your text slide in as you scroll.

They don’t care about pop-ups or ads.

They don’t care what you want. Your visitors care about what they want, and that is answers.

Your biggest problem about your website is; The design process dictates your content.

What gets people interested? Content.
What gets people to act? Content
What gets people to follow or sign up? Content.

Content combined with copywriting, professional & transparent design and a goal will put you closer to dominating the competition.

And businesses still shell out the majority of their money and time with the crafty designs and focus on content as an aftermath.

Understanding your content and content structure should dramatically dictate the design of your site. Helping you create a more user-friendly and search engine optimized site that will help you dominate the search engines.

You can’t build a website for you and expect optimal results. Why? Because you didn’t create your site for your customers, you had it created for you.

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