Website Consulting

So what does a website consultant do?

Websites, design, direction, development, and SEO can be a bit overwhelming for business owners to manage alongside running a business.

As a website consultant, we take each task from concept to execution to assure that each element of the website project is coherent to the end goal.

A few things we offer as website consultants:

Planning & Strategy
SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )
SEO Structure & Optimization
Oversee Website Development
Design direction and management
Mockup Layouts
Design Marketing Strategy
Create Marketing Funnels Strategies
Manage Content, Strategy & structure
WordPress Trainer
Organizing Relationships with Freelancers
Tracking and Reporting

Let’s get together and talk about your business goals and what you would like to see in your website performance. If you like the direct we can take your business, then we can talk about hiring us, and if you don’t like it, our conversation is completely free.