Search Engine Optimization

The cold hard truth about SEO is that anyone can do it.

Do you want to know another truth about SEO? There is no magic or secret behind a successful SEO strategy.

Let me explain…

One of the most reasons businesses fail at SEO is because they don’t understand how search engines work.

Search engines aren’t just a thing that sits out there in the internet world of things. Search engines, like you, are businesses trying to succeed in the business world. A logistic process in which they are trying to connect customers with vendors.

If a business has happy customers, it’s more likely those customers will use that company again. This is the foundation of any business and search engines are no different from your everyday business.

So, if we put that into perspective, we can understand that search engines, like Bing, wants to offer the best solution to the customers that are using their search.

When someone comes into your place of business, you want to offer them the best service possible, right?

So, how does SEO fit into your business?

Search Engine Optimizing is marketing, and most businesses need to incorporate some form of marketing to grow and survive.

Your website and optimizing your site is about being in a place where your customers are and offering a detectable solution for your customer and the search engine.

Optimizing your site is a form of explaining, in an organized manner, that you are the best option for their customers searching for your service or product.

If the search engines understand your site and can create an understanding of the value, you will have a better chance of being part of that solution.

To take it a little further, if search engines detect that their customers are finding their answers within your site. They are more apt to offer it repeatedly with a higher ranking.

Does every business need a website?

The best answer would be… yes-no.

Not every company can benefit from SEO. This is because their customer base is just not using search.

So finding the social media platforms where your customers are, and being active and optimized there is essential. But remember, most, if not all social platforms come and go. There are always people innovating and creating new ways for people to interact with each other.

Putting all your goods into one basket is never a good business strategy. Ever.

Believe it or not, your email list is going to play a big part of you generating sales. Of course, this area of marketing get’s a little tricky for some businesses and is one of the main reasons you need to create valuable ( to your customers ) content.

Bringing your followers, readers, and fans back to your site to sign up to your email list in return for something of value to them is your core strategy of SEO and marketing.

This is not a sales / marketing funnel. We don’t want people to signup to our email list so we can spam the hell out of them.

This is you, asking a customer who is interested in you, to create a dialog and a long-term relationship with.

These will be the loyal customers and the people who buy from you.