EDDM for Direct Mail

Local SEOWhy Choose EDDM over data driven direct mail?

Do you want to learn how to use direct mail more effective and get a better return?

Well buckle up and read on…

Basically, you have two options when it comes to using EDDM for your direct mail.

You can either saturate residential and businesses or you can chose to send it just to residential.

In my point of view, if you are a business to customer and your local community is a perfect fit for your business, this part of EDDM would be a green flag and would be worth looking more into.

For the most part, this next step is where most business fail.

They become quickly frustrated and disappointed with the results, they make a choice based off of these emotions and abandon their EDDM direct mail marketing plan, then quickly mark it up as a worthless marketing tactic.

Your next step is creating a Check List

Yep, I said it. A check list.

As business owners, we have a tendency to place a lot of passion in our services and or product. Rightfully so… There is a reason why we are doing it.

But to run around with your head cut off assuming you have the next best thing and everyone is going to eat it up by just simply showing what you have, is a bit foolish.

So, on to this thing called… check list.

Fist thing to right down…

…. test… second… test #2… third…. test #3

I heard that sigh.

Seriously though, with EDDM you have this option without breaking the bank.

Sit down and brainstorm several offers. Think this process through as a consumer and not as the seller.

With one sentence define this next question..

Q: How would your intrigue the buyer and define your offer. It might help to think of what problems does your offer solve.

Quickly follow up with attaching Q: How do I add value to the last sentence within a subtitle.

Q: What kind of imagery can you use to create emotion. Keep in mind that even though they might need your product or service, they are going to have to want it as well.


Keep in mind that even though they might need your product or service, they are going to have to… Click To Tweet


Q: What are my goals of the EDDM?

There can be a wide range of goals for a business to use EDDM mailings.

A goal could be to boost your sales, increase visits to your sight, bring people to your place of business for an event or open-house or to build your email list via a landing page.

Q: What is my CTA? ( Call to action )

Don’t assume because you have your logo, address and phone number on the direct mail piece that your customers are going to know what to do.

Remember, this is a interruption process and people usually don’t have much patience to sit and figure out what you want them to do.

Help yourself out by helping them out and spell it out.. ” wow, that was a mouth full…”

Now, why you are putting this all together in your head. It might be a good idea to actually have a checklist list to help break your plan down and making sure that your direct mail piece has everything it needs for success.

As far as using it for business to business, even with the postage discount it just doesn’t seem worth it.

The percentage of return is pretty small already and if your direct mail piece is only hitting a small part of your potential customers. It would seem that your are wasting your money.

The money you wasted on reaching businesses of your EDDM mailing can be better spent towards purchasing an in-depth list and focused your time, energy and money where your return would of been a lot higher.

( Business to Business direct mail should be a completely different process and for another article )

I believe that EDDM is a great and affordable tool when it comes to creating awareness for a company that counts on creating income from their immediate neighboring communities.

With EDDM direct mail you can create a big and consistent impression without breaking the bank.

So here is a small list of what EDDM direct mail has to offer for those that count on their immediate neighboring communities.

1. Easy to control

As long as you fill a carrier route you aren’t limited on minimums when sending direct mail through EDDM. This can really help you control your message, design and budget.

2. Tracking

When printing short runs, such as per route. You can add a code to refer to the carrier route and make sure you request that the card be brought in for the service.

3. You don’t need a list

Lists are great when narrowing down specific consumers or businesses. If you are pushing a general sale, discount of maybe an opening to your community, your goal would be to blanket the nearby homes, EDDM direct mail does just that.

4. Postage is set

There is no fluctuation in postage foe EDDM direct mail. When you know exactly how many is going out, you will also know exactly what it will cost you in postage.

5. Flat size postcard

I always advise business to go big. Use some of the money that you will be saving with using EDDM to creating a strong and bold statement. With creative a design, strong images and a awkward size card and don’t ever underestimate the power of design and good typography.

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