Does content marketing really work?

content marketing


Basically, content marketing involves creating, promoting and distributing content with the aim of attracting an audience and ultimately generating sales for the company’s products or services. The content should be relevant, current and consistent so as to ensure that the followers are always fully engaged. Content marketing has become a popular phenomenon today which begs the question, does content marketing really work?

The answer to this is yes.

A recent study shows that 42% of B2B businesses agree that content marketing is effective. About 72% of these businesses have hired skilled personal to handle content marketing related duties in the company. Research also shows that people prefer reading content than viewing online adverts. This content includes blogs, and videos uploaded via YouTube.

In essence, a business has to do a number of things to ensure that their content marketing translates to profits for the company. This includes investing in content marketing, promoting content on social media platforms and implementing effective strategies. The company should also ensure that it conducts extensive research to establish the trending topics and those that will catch the attention of the target audience.

Ideally, content marketing has numerous benefits for businesses. These include:

  • It increases brand awareness among consumers through increasing traffic to your website. This is because people prefer visiting websites that have content hence this will promote your brand.
  • It positions the business as an expert which increases your business’ credibility. This is because it educates consumers hence influencing their purchasing habits. This way, consumers feel that they can trust your company to meet their needs sufficiently.
  • Establishes and maintains relationships with the audience. This way, it helps give your business the human face.
  • It opens communication lines between the business and the public through comments and shares. The company can then use the feedback to improve its products and services.
  • It improves SEO that will enable more consumers to visit your website and take action. This way, it also generates leads which increase sales volumes in the long run.

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