Define Content Marketing as Compound Marketing

compound marketing

When it comes to writing blog posts, creating quality content should be at the top of your priorities.

What does quality content mean exactly?

Simple, content that goes beyond filler; this is a real deal when it comes to generating traffic, increasing sales and advertising company brands.

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Define Content Marketing as Compound Marketing

To define content marketing, blogs should have high-quality content of value to the readers that can last longer than a single day or two, cultivating page views for as many years as possible. Now this is compound marketing; it takes time to be able to provide such returns.

Think of a post that is interesting to readers and those posts that only have relevance for two days, which will have a compounding return? Of course the one that interests readers. These are the evergreen contents.

Unlike the temporal content, evergreen posts clearly have many views for years.

For companies to clearly define content marketing, they need to be able to create equilibrium between the evergreen and temporal content deliberately. As much as evergreen posts bestow long-lasting tips, temporal content have their fair share of benefits to marketers; keeping blogs fresh.

Today, blogs have evolved to a content marketing world that correlates directly to long-term returns on investment. Imagine blogs that keep posting evergreen content while at the same time adding temporal content. This is good, particularly to marketers interested in bringing traffic to their sites for better sales and company branding.

Side note:

As a blog owner, remember that marketing is part of a whole in the sales process and remember there is more than one type of visitor. Keep your email sign-up simple and don’t be afraid to place some of your own ads with in your articles.

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