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Salt Lake City Web Design

So, you are looking for web design company in Salt Lake City, Utah?

There is no doubt that you have a lot of options in this city when it comes to companies offering web design and development.

From corporate firms, freelance web designers and, of course, the DIY websites, the market is awash with web design agencies.

It leaves you with the task of finding the right agency to develop your company’s website that reaches your target customers in the most effective way possible. Considering this, how can one narrow this down to few suitable agencies?

Unfortunately, the only thing that distinguishes these companies apart is a few glimpses of their past work. Past work is a lot like 1st party reviews on their website.

You only get a glimpse of a selected few and usually are the best of what they have done.

Though the idea of having a website design company offering 1st party reviews and past work is great, the truth is that they are worthless to you when trying to make a decision that will cost you money, time and possibly your business.

None of these can tell you how their customer service is, how they are to work with on a personal level or how they can add value to your company beyond creating an excellent website.

Your research can quickly become a frustrating and overwhelming journey and by the end of the day yield nothing but more confusion.

Before approaching a company or an individual about a new website, do some preparation in regard to the content you want to have on your website and identify the target market too.

Here is a quick list I have put together to help you with your search of a local web design company.

#1. Look for competent, professional and approachable staff

It is crucial that you connect and engage with the people that will be managing your website.

Are they providing helpful solutions that are relevant and suitable for your business? Find a company you can connect with and that you can share your vision with.

Look for the excitement and passion in the people that you will be working with.

Nothing good can come from someone that leads your online presence with an invoice. The best results will be attained when you forge a good partnership with your web agency.

#2 Review the web design company’s track record

Reviewing the agency’s track record/portfolio and current web design is an easy way to determine if what they do suits your business’s needs.

  • Do you like their website designs?
  • Are they friendly?
  • Do they have website design experience in your field?

Request the web agency to send you references or testimonials from customers and when you get them, ensure that you follow up to make sure the testimonials are real.

#3 Look beyond just getting your website up

When putting your website plan together make sure the strategy exceeds design and development.

You need to know what you want the website to communicate and achieve and be realistic at the same time.

Understanding your goals, aims and how you will measure success is vital here. Seek to obtain solid proof of the agency’s capability to provide sustainable solutions to problems by providing case studies of how they solved problems successfully.

  • What do you want your new website to do?
  • What about your content?
  • How do you get people to your website?
  • And of course don’t forget to spell out the purpose of your website.

If you are serious about your business website and using it to its fullest potential then you probably should do a little research into content marketing. It’s going to be the life after development for your website.

The website should deliver clear, quality messages that help the customers. Content is everything, from the written content to the images, videos or more.

#4. Start with a pre-made template

Though custom web development is still very popular, it just, or shouldn’t exist as the only option for a common business website.

There are plenty of turn-key options out there, which with a little customization can easily make a website template a great fit for your business.

If your budget is holding you back from getting your business on the internet, then a website template may be the way to go. It can save you hundreds if not thousands on a business website.

#5. Keeping it local

Feeding your local economy is always a good thing. I’m going to tell you to keep it local so you are able to meet and connect with the people that will be working on a vital part of your business. Make an effort to go to their offices and meet face to face. This will help you understand them better.

And even when the project starts, have weekly meetings with your agency to inspect and ensure the progress is ongoing and that they don’t offshore the project to someone else.

With the right company and the right technical expertise taking care of your website and content marketing, your online presence can be a big factor in the success of your business.

#6. What else do they offer?

When looking at web design companies make sure you look at the other services that they offer. Take into consideration of all the other services that they offer beyond web design development. Such factors include hosting, SEO and security.

Though not a must, finding a website design company that offers maintenance and support for your website might be a good option.

All these services should be included in the offer you receive from a website design agency.
These services can take a lot of stress off your daily activities and free up a lot of time so that you can focus on growing your business.

#7. What should you expect to pay?

Website prices can range a lot as you can get a website for as little as almost nothing and just pay for hosting, or the price can go all the way through to $30,000 and beyond. Price varies depending on the specific functionality that you require for your business website.

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